There is a magnificent life knocking at the door waiting to be expressed through you.

There is a Cole Porter song titled ‘Anything Goes’. That is exactly the flavor for this month. This magnificent life that awaits us all is tied to us stepping into our power knowing we finally deserve to have the experience we were born to live – for all of us to experience the superhuman beings we truly are. Right here, right now! This is it. It is about trusting that the perfect storm is ready to help us to manifest what we have come here to experience. Everything is lined up to serve us. We only have to show up and say ‘Yes’ to ourselves and taking on that we are that which we seek! You are the creator itself, the director of the experience, the producer of your life. Now more than ever we are being downloaded at amazing speed with everything we need to finally be free. This is the time when the rubber meets the road and the internal reality creates our outer universe. Everything out there is brought to you by your thoughts, ideas, visions. When you combine a vision with an elevated emotion – shift happens. We have done the work. We are drawing from the field of the source that we are. We are at the precipice and all the work we have done up until now of letting go, releasing and surrendering to what is has created a field, a place where the foundation has been built and we are energetically a match for what we wish.

Today’s energies, besides being off the chart with the Lion’s Gate and moving towards the biggest eclipse of all on the 21st, we are able to absorb and integrate more light than ever before… Moreover, the Full Moon today is a perfect time to set your intentions based on what you have been able to evaluate and re-evaluate about your life, where you have been and where you wish to go. No matter what challenges are calling you to rise above them, take pause and know they are just here to clear the way for us to break out of the prison of resistance, pain, fear, doubt, anxiety, attachments and anger so that we can move through all those layers of those painful patterns to finally realize that everything that is happening is for our highest good. For myself, personally I am experiencing these shifts and boy does it feel good. The synchronicities and blessings are coming at an accelerated speed. From the company of heaven all the spirits know that Divine love is healing us now at the deepest level. It is up to us to open up, know we deserve and then sit back to receive all the love.
According to the healer Maureen Moss, “Dreams lost will be found once again. Trials will become triumphs. Miracles will happen and hearts once lost in a sea of pain will discover they are able to open. All of Us are on the cusp of a dream we have long held for ourselves, each other and our Planet…Freedom. Some will recognize it now, others later. In a time such as this we must be aligned with the Wisdom and Love of our own heart…aligned also with the wisdom that comes from a stabilized consciousness…and with the Divine unleashing the most magnificent, undiluted pure codes of Heart Light upon this Earth. In the days ahead we must ensure nothing insightful nor miraculous goes unnoticed, un-grounded or slips through the cracks. Everything now has heightened purpose. Everything. You must be the center of your attention now. Calm, Clear, Concentrated. Love your Self and hold your Self sacred. You are an extraordinary being.”

Don’t deny anything that comes up for you. Instead have compassion, love and gratitude for all that you are. For all you have gone through, done and all that you are now. It is the time that even though we are on this spiritual path we still might seek perfection; it is about just going out there and doing whatever our heart’s intelligence is guiding us towards. Only you know what your truth feels like. There is no right or wrong, there is only the connection that you feel when you know your heart and mind are en-trained at the deepest level. You feel congruent. Miracles are manifested and dreams are born.

Trust what is coming to you and follow those bread crumbs. That is Faith. To listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance all the way. When we are aligned with our truth, what we take action on from that place takes off like a space rocket. The psychic Brenda Hoffman just posted, “Continue to dream both in daytime and nighttime – not how to rid yourself of your current overwhelming fear, but how and what to create in joy. Joy is your new word both regarding usage and understanding. Neither of which will happen if you continue to delve into fears that have little to do with your joy. The obvious response is “How can I feel joy if I am fearful or sad?” How indeed. That is the crux of this message. You have nothing to fear for you are more capable and skilled than any fear you have ever encountered. For you to concentrate on fear instead of joy is for you to know that you are negating your powers – and you.”

If you haven’t already discovered what your ideal dream is, why not start today and find something that moves you? Something that makes your heart sing. Step into a new personality and discover a new personal reality. Entertain this fact that you are someone who is so much bigger and more than you ever thought possible and your dreams hold power. Find something that speaks to you and apply it to this auspicious, sacred, and precious moment called the present. Discover what brings you more joy than you ever thought possible and fills your soul with passion and peace. What wisdom is sparkling inside? What is bubbling over to be expressed? What gets your mo-jo working? Become the surfer. Ride the exciting, accelerated energies of today and take that leap off the precipice. With your expression, intention and action it can become the reality you have dreamed to engage in. Your life will awaken with beauty and grace. Each of us is here to be a Divine and deliberate Creator.

It is that time go further. To dig down and deep. Have bravado. Become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance take your Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. As never before, you are the Light. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears and t(error) into triumph for all of humanity. Brave souls, do not despair. You were born for these times!

I would like to thank all the teachers and healers who have inspired this week’s musings, especially Andrew Martin, who’s wisdom has brought a wealth of information to so many of us.

Sending you all love…