by Marcy Heller

We are standing on the brink of a new way of being and for many of us we are now being invited to use this awareness for anchoring a new state of receivership.

A heads up from Lorna Bevan, “Expect a Power Surge to the Grid. Taurus on Thursday 14th – preparing the ground for no going back as reality bites in the clash of the metaphysical/physical + the tangible /intangible. Whichever part of your life is represented in your chart by the last degrees of Aries is being activated, stirred and woken up. It’s time to sit up, stay awake and prepare for the summons of the radically new as Uranus returns to Taurus for the first time since 1935 to deliver a seismic electric shock to both the global System and your own system.”

We can no longer hide behind ourselves or others. It’s time to remove the bicycle training wheels and fly! What’s more, when you let go and let G-d to do the heavy lifting your world will change and nothing ever will be the same!

According to Christine Day, a spokesperson communicating to us from the Pleiadians, “Our own self-resurrection is where we need to focus on at this time. That means that we need to end the separation inside of ourselves. We need to come into a state of self-acceptance for all that we have done and experienced up to this moment in this lifetime. We need to honor and embrace all the experiences we have had in order to learn, and to let go of any self-condemnation we hold towards ourselves, for the things we have done or not done. Knowing that we have done the very best we could do in any moment in time. The Pleiadians speak of our self-resurrection and through self-acceptance we can then move into enlightenment. Our journey is about ending separation within ourselves through self-acceptance. The Pleiadians remind us that we too are a part of this New Dawning. This new energy is birthing within our cells, even as we ourselves are birthing into a new consciousness. The Pleiadians speak of the importance of our self-resurrection process in this lifetime, ending the aspect of separation within us. They remind us that we are here to have a human experience, while at the same time re-awaken to our spiritual nature. In order to move forward into this re-awakening, we must first turn back and honor ourselves for our humanness, to hold ourselves in love, compassion, and patience for all that we have lived in this lifetime, and to understand and embrace the fact that we are perfectly imperfect in our humanness.

The Pleiadians speak of our mission in this lifetime, that we have come here to change our relationship to our human selves, moving from a 3rd dimensional relationship of self-condemnation to a 4th/5th dimensional relationship of self acceptance. And at the same time we consciously reconnect to our spiritual nature of our higher selves. The Pleiadians say we will achieve this in this lifetime.

As we are transforming and going through this universal shift, every part of us is being transformed so that we can stay in alignment as well as being the container to hold all the new levels of Light that are becoming available for us to download and integrate within our hearts and souls.

This transformation is demanding that we live differently – to open our hearts as never before. And to honor ourselves no matter what! As Day continues to share her conversations from the Pleiadians, “It is time to join the Universal family of light, of which all of us are members. It is time to take our place, to open up and to receive all that is rightfully ours. All it takes is just one step from you, and a willingness to ask for support on a daily basis, and to align to your home space through your heart.”

All of this is just confirming that self-acceptance is the key to successfully allowing ourselves to go through this transformation as we give birth to our new selves.

Our self image, according to the book, Psycho-Cybernetics, sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment. It defines what you can and cannot do. Expand the self image and you expand the “area of the possible” since all of our actions, feelings, behavior and our abilities are always consistent with our self image. What’s more, the more we believe in ourselves the more we allow all the good to come in and not limit ourselves by our own feelings of unworthiness. Our self image is everything! It is our foundation. It sets the stage for everything to move forward from. It describes all of our areas of possibilities! The more we can activate new patterns of thinking the more we expand the more we can achieve success and happiness while achieving our goals.

Everywhere we go the world confirms that the fruit of our quest does not lie elsewhere, but inside of ourselves. Just like in Homer’s Odyssey, after traveling through various lands, what Odysseus really wants is to go back to the home that lies within each and everyone of us. As we give birth to our ‘new normal’, no longer are the old programs eclipsing our greatness. They can’t and won’t continue to hold any power over us. Moreover, if and when they come up from time-to-time it is only to test us and show us that we now have choices to shift our focus into the newer/higher consciousness.

Learn how to listen to your own voice. It’s time for all of us to stop hurting ourselves looking for perfection. Instead begin to see life as an unfolding process. One liberating step at a time. Don’t limit the channels that are longing to express themselves through us. As Maxwell Maltz writes in Psycho-Cybernetics, “The universe offers us forgiveness and the peace of mind and happiness that come from self-acceptance. It is an insult to the Creator to turn our back upon these gifts or ourselves deeming we are unworthy.”

You don’t need to go to the mountaintop or meditate in a cave to know you deserve a break. We need to make these changes now so we can start today and ‘Let the Magic Begin!” We all deserve more love, not less.

It’s a beautiful world. And, even though at times we feel we may have gotten lost along the way, who knows, maybe that was the journey all along so we were able to find ourselves! Deepak Chopra once wrote, “The journey is the answer. To find your creator, you must explore the universe until he (or she) appears. In India it was held that all creation was compressed into a human being; therefore to explore the universe, you needed only to explore yourself. The process of reinventing the body and resurrecting the soul is a journey, and the journey never ends.”

The more we can face uncertain and sometimes scary events with mercy, grace, forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and for others, the closer we get to changing our world and the easier it will be to walk each other home knowing We are all One! When I look around and see the depth of spirit uplifting humanity and sharing their brilliant light with the planet, I feel so privileged to be part of this evolution. There is a wonderful line from Hafiz, “Be the One that changes everyone’s luck when you walk in the room.”

Following our Divine plan is holy work. The world is calling out for those of us who are passionate, courageous artists who are aligned in the cosmic energy field of infinity to use their best to serve. To all of You who envision creating global peace and happiness, thank you. Imagine the positive impact you are having by spreading this message. Let’s all together create a small-scale global pandemic of peace and love. Let’s do it now for ourselves, our family, our entire lineage and all humanity.

For me, nothing can be more exciting, exhilarating or make me feel more fully alive than growing and being transformed! Embrace every day as a new world – remembering that every obstacle is an opportunity to transcend into something greater. Reality needs You more than ever. You Matter. Create the biggest, brightest and best journey for yourself. Keep opening your heart like you’ve never been hurt and keep living like it’s heaven on earth. Until next time know you are cherished. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.