By Marcy Heller

“There is something else that is trying to come through – that lure of becoming – and it does come from the realm of spirit, it does come from the quantum universe, it does come from the great spark that is the threshold of time and history trying to emerge and electrify us.” – Jean Houston

Even through it all and even though the energies have been beyond exhausting, challenging and at times overwhelming, I have also experienced the magic and marvel of the times we are now immersed in. Along with that I also believe that the illusion of separation that I myself and so many of us have agreed upon has kept me/us from experiencing the Divine that has been attempting to integrate herself with the new and higher frequencies from the Angelic Realm. We are and will always be the Divine Being inside and out.  We are the Masters. We are not the small selves that our minds keep repeating that we are.  We are stepping into our power to finally claim who we truly are.

To be a Master is to change matter through Spirit.  We are being asked to access the deeper layers of who we are and become the poster children who are the walking examples of their multi-dimensional Self.  We are walking ‘the front line’, while pioneering a new humanity while healing our ancestral wounds. (Small wonder why many of us are feeling exhausted out of place and in limbo!)  Moreover as we empower ourselves as is our birthright, it’s not to eclipse others, but to share with them so they can recognize their fullest power and create the greatest vision and grandest version of who they have come here to be. Standing tall and taking your place as the sovereign leaders is not putting others beneath you, it is stepping into your true authentic Self, recognizing and honoring the God/Goddess that you are.

It’s time to claim back our birthright. News Flash: What you thought up until now who you thought you were has been an issue. So even though we are in a mortal body having an experience in a denser plane by changing our vibratory field we can lift ourselves beyond the density of form and field to exist in a higher octave. The teachings that you are receiving now and everything else you are learning to be true is now grist for the mill to use as you create a new and stronger infrastructure based on your true Self and not the small Self.

We are learning that nothing is more powerful than our own selves.  When weakness arises it is mirroring our own doubt about ourselves. This is the real deal. There is no more rehearsing – this is our truth. And, why many of us have reincarnated at this time. To empower ourselves and mirror that for all of humanity.  Once we begin to align with our true Self, we know who we are. When we begin slaying those dragons that have literally dragged us down we can uncover the Divine Love, the gold that resides within us.

In the Book of Mastery, Paul Selig is channeling the following from his Guides. “And, as these words are spoken, you give permission to all that you have withheld from the light, that which you have kept in darkness, have sought to renounce and failed, permission to be seen, permission to be known, permission to be revealed and then lifted and absorbed and known again by the True Self that is present here as you. Take a moment and allow the aspects of the self, the hidden pieces, the tokens of the past and the tethers to the past that you have blamed, but protected, for your unhappiness, to be seen and known and realigned in a higher way. Here we go, friends: “On this day we choose to give permission for every lie that I have invested in, that we, the collective, have invested in, to be released from me in perfect ways. And through this agreement, I am guaranteed the circumstance and the support to align to the freedom of this in peace, in grace, and in allowance of my True Self in its perfected state to be known and responded to as who and what I am. I give permission to the life that I live to be my teacher.”

I have gleamed through his channel that a reckoning must occur so that we can face our Self and everything we have created. What I have learned is that if we claim ourselves to be free, (yes, keep repeating the mantra, I AM Free, I AM Free), we can transform the agreements we have made with all our fear based lack and limitation thoughts. In other words, we can make a new choice to be free of these illusions. Since if what we think is coming from lack or limitation, “It cannot be this way”, “I cannot get what I want”, etc.—you will confirm this. As the channel goes on to say, “How can we be free if our fear-based Self is constantly repeating to us all our fearful thoughts and allowing others to decide what is truly good for us or what we must do.  The small Self is holding the key to our imprisonment.”

And last but not least to get your Mo-Jo going for this week and to help with the reset button, I have taken the liberty to share the brilliant energies/ideas from the teacher Maureen Moss. “An acceleration of energies slated to arrive mid-month creates further purging of the old emotional/physical template… helping us pass over into new, deeper vibrational realizations, resonance, feelings and alignment with Self-Realized Truth and also into a greater field of Soulful coherence around us and in us.  All waves, patterns, energies etc. entering from the Cosmos within this month are leading us through the Hallway of Unification… from the Alpha (beginning) to Omega (ending), which is Union. (We will further this during the 5-5 Taurus Stargate.)  Watch closely the pattern of perfection being woven through you. Watch for the twinkling of your magical destiny beginning to light up. Do your part to let All of You In…the parts of you revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness ready to be physicalized.  Be the loving Watcher and Caretaker of your New Life.  You are amazing…realize it.”

Yes, I agree, you, me, we are all amazing. We have stood at the brink of disaster and said NO we are not going down with the ship-We are Unsinkable! Thank you to all the Light Bearers, Way-Showers, Dreamers, Visionaries, Spiritual Warriors, Pioneers and Humanitarians.  Take pause and know how grateful I AM to all of you for being my champions on this incredible journey. What an honor it is to walk beside you all. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.