Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

Paul Selig, from his channeled book, ‘The book of Knowing and Worth’, wrote “What is happening now on this plane is that those of you who have gathered have decided to incarnate at the highest level available to you, and the acquisition of knowing of who and what you truly are is what is required to make this so. When there is a mass elevation in consciousness, what begins to happen is that the incarnations that you stand in begin to align to the next phase of development on this plane and the plane must shift itself to reflect the new knowing that each of you are born into. And we will tell you who you are, each and every one of you: The aspect of the Divine that you are and have always been intended to be has come forward to be renamed: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.  And the claim of this, as you create from it, expressed as you, culminates in a new awakening of your own being through the manifestation of the self.” to her own worth, as a manifestation of the Creator in form. You stand in your worth each and every day. Like it or not, you decide what you are worth. You always have. “I am a small man with fear.” “I am a happy lady with three children, I know who I am when I go to school to drop them off and go back and make my cookies.” You claim your identities, large and small, in your worth. And you only claim your worth as you feel you are allowed to. You have been diminished, as we have taught you in our previous texts, by structures that would keep you in fear of claiming this. And we are singing your song today for you so that you may learn the words to the song of your own soul’s significance. “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

So here you have it!  This is how we managed up until now to play it small. To stay under the radar!  When it comes down to it somehow it feels almost selfish for us not to recognize our own Divinity. Not to align with our own magnificence is at its core not appreciating, honoring and loving who we truly are.  And, why then do we wonder why others don’t love and appreciate us?  Having given away our power to the old and outworn programming claiming that it cannot be so!  Our minds saying ‘we really don’t deserve’ for a large part of our existence.  It had been so easy to have aligned to the collective consciousness that created so much fear so that each of us would relinquish our all authority by eclipsing our power to another just for feeling that they must know more or are better than ourselves. Until Now!

Last March, when we were all sent to our rooms the universe wasn’t punishing us. The Creator through the evolutionary process under the guise of Covid-19, was giving us the opportunity to become best friends with our Higher Selves aka Spirit aka Divine Love.

Here we are almost a year later, take pause and know you have now landed in the new and improved Universe where the sky is the limit! We each have our own blueprint/lifepath to live at a higher octave. Moreover, now we have made the great shift and now we have the potential to be unstoppable! The astrology has triggered the re-set and the collective mood for the next decade as we are making a transition from one world into another (that is still trying to be born)!  This transformation isn’t sweet nor easy as everything has to come to the surface to be felt. If we don’t feel it we cannot heal it! All the unraveling is creating havoc and chaos as the complete uprooting has to happen to know what is clear and what is truth!  We must dream into being a new life, otherwise we will continue to wake-up to the ole one!

This transformation isn’t sweet nor easy as everything has to come to the surface to be felt. Knowing at the same time with this quality of change, just as if you would feel giving birth, the times can be chaotic and quite intense. This is not for the faint-of-heart as we are being initiated into something bigger, better and wiser than we could have ever dreamed possible. As much as you can, have mercy and compassion for yourself and others. The energies can affect us in so many different ways. It is imperative to stay in the upper room, not the basement. Be in gratitude and joy. Commit to a practice that will help you stay alert, grounded, grateful and most of all, hydrated!

We are moving from the past into the now, which is the aim of spiritual practice.  As we stay in the now without judgment we can feel clearly about what is happening for us in each moment.  We are at the precipice of a huge quantum leap. What’s more, with your own unique blueprint, make a choice to stay in the higher vibrations of the archetypes that have been chosen for each one of us from our unique birth charts so we can create greater masterpieces for our life.

May you all continue to be Blessed, as you are each such a Blessing to me. Remember every moment you are creating your story.  As you celebrate your Greatness, open to receive more Love than you ever dreamed possible! Falling in love is only one half of what we want. Staying in love is the rest! Have the best week ever. I love you madly.