by Marcy Heller

Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.  There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.”
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Dear Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

After 2020 and now entering 2021, we are all feeling a bit shook – personally and collectively. That being said, I have heard it said that it is quite a necessary shake down for our evolution, but like all true triggers for transformation, it’s not a walk in the park and far from easy (just watch any caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly). What’s more, it is not an easy task to describe what we have all gone through simply because we are still pretty much going through it! In other words, it is impossible to see the forest for the trees!

On another note, take pause and know that by walking on the wild side we have landed in a newer and much improved Universe.  Even though it doesn’t feel like that at times and even if things on the outside don’t appear to align with what we would envision, the sky is the limit! We have made the great shift and now we have become unstoppable! As the poet Hafiz quoted, “I wish I could show you…the astonishing Light of your own being.”

An ancient Chinese blessing wishes us, “May you live during interesting times.” That wish, for good or ill, has come true for us.”  As spiritual beings our attitudes, thoughts and emotions make or break our life. I am truly grateful once again being reminded that what we have come here to do is to fulfill our soul’s plan while we walk each other home. Basically, let go and let G-d!  Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda also advised, “What comes of itself, let it come. What goes of itself, let it go.” Yet many of us still try to control what is uncontrollable. That old paradigm doesn’t work any longer!

Before going further as I have written many times over I will repeat myself again. The rule is: if you’re in your head, you’re dead!  We must become un-tethered from our beliefs. (The mind is a slave to the emotions and the trauma in life that we have experienced are the origins of those emotions that keep us from experiencing a higher level of living. Our minds can and do underpin our reality.)  Therefore, this new universe is not about thinking – it is all about being. No matter how much our hearts are eclipsed by the flaws of our mind we must cultivate the courage to keep moving forward as we are emerging into our newer selves. The past is history. Don’t look back – that is not the direction you are going in!  We have never lived a year like we have just come out from in 2020, and 2021 is a whole new slate/canvas for us with our intention and attention create a new story. We are co-authoring a whole new life/world! What’s more, if we do not dare to dream a new world, we will keep re-living our old world not only from our past, but those of our ancestors. We will keep waking up to their nightmares if we don’t dare to align ourselves with our vision, our passions, our dreams!

We are moving from the past, the present and the future, into now, which is the aim of spiritual practice. As we stay in the Now without judgment we can feel clearly about what is happening for us in each moment. This is where our power lies. When we become the observer, whatever our intention is in that moment, we can change and up-level into the Penthouse and create something even greater. We are at the precipice of a huge quantum leap and since there is strength in numbers, the more of us who are awake and conscious on this journey of self-healing, the more we can elevate not only our individual vibration but the collective’s as well. As Leonard Cohen rang the bells, “There is a crack, in everything…that is how the Light gets in!’ As a friend once wrote, “We’re not just the Originator, but the Receiver!”

Moreover, please be aware that with this quality of change, just as if you would feel giving birth – these times are raw, brutal and can can be intense. This is not for the faint-of-heart. We are being initiated into something bigger, better and wiser than we could have ever imagined possible. As much as you can, please have mercy, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others.  The energies can affect us in so many different ways. It is imperative to stay in the upper room/penthouse and not the basement. In other words, as much as possible stay in gratitude and joy. Commit to a practice that will help you stay alert, grounded, grateful and hydrated. We are being offered incredible opportunities that will not only benefit ourselves but all of humanity.

Scientists tell us we live in a holographic universe, based on that level of energy, the whole is contained in every piece and every piece contains the whole. In essence, a healing between or among any of us literally helps to heal all of us.  Any time we can eclipse that illusion of separation the world is brought closer to the reuniting of hearts, which is the whole magical goal of our existence.

The author, Andrea Balt wrote  “Once you begin to love yourself – and your life as a result – by accepting your inherent worth exactly as you are right now, no matter what you have or haven’t done, by understanding that despite your messiness, your hurts, your imperfections, you are WORTHY OF LOVE.”

Let’s take back our power, because we can, and change to a whole new perception of who and what we are. From this shift, we can give birth to a different world. And if we could do it even for a day, ask yourself ‘why’ can’t we do it for a lifetime?  Let us all hold the vision to live more courageously and to release everything that isn’t resonating with our soul rather than hold on out of fear. Release to make space and allow yourself to receive! Stay true to who you truly are and know You so deserve to have more of everything you desire!

In 2020, as you allowed one decade to end and another to begin, may you allow your own Being in 2021, to be the source of your very deepest happiness. May you begin to Love yourself so fully that you create the most miraculous shift. May you continue to align with Divine Love no matter what happens and may you allow the Universe to catch up with your dreams. And, last but not least, may you celebrate your miracles – after all you are the Power that created it all!

Each of you have inspired me and touched my heart. Thank you for trusting your unique path and Soul. Thank you for letting go of what makes sense so you can make more Love. Thank you for being on this wild ride with me. Wishing so much love and growth for everyone in 2021…Let there be Peace ☮️ on earth and let it begin with me!