I am not sure about you, but did anything significant happen in your life last week during the New Moon with nine planets unfolding?  Perhaps any one of these things you rely on; your body, your computer, your car, your cell phone, breaking down irretrievably and causing major inconveniences as you had to upgrade, replace or simply make the time to get it fixed properly? It seems this was Pluto’s way of eliminating the old to allow access to all the new incoming frequencies.

From my experience we are all now making powerful new choices as well as learning how to make creative new decisions on how to navigate our life during these fast and incredible new frequencies of chaos as well as wild possibilities.

Simply put our deep discomfort physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is just the result of adjusting to the new 5D vibrations. As we have discussed before we can no longer handle, do or figure out things the way we did in 3D.  As we cross the river of change and make these new adjustments despite feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders I can assure you that in surrendering without submission we can breakthrough and shift into our new superhuman design.

Which by the way, can be awesome-once we give up trying to control our lives the way we used to. On the other side of that coin as Brenda Hoffman wrote in her blog, “Until you accept your 5D status throughout your being, you do not have skills to combat fear and angst. Perhaps you think that such a shift is harmful to you and others for you have no defenses. To the contrary, you have stronger and better defenses than you have ever had while of the earth. Yet, you hesitate over and over again about accepting those powers.  Your fears of being punished, losing loved ones, or being too powerful, forced you to be in a 5D being with many 3D actions. As a result, en mass, you requested help to remove your 3D security blanket. So it is you feel hollow, alone, and frightened. Not because you have to, but because you are fearful of fully claiming new you.”

I understand that we have all felt at one time or another that we had been punished in this lifetime or others for being our own authentic self; however, that was a different time and not the new superhuman you are now becoming.

We now have at our fingertips so many new tools and techniques to up-grade and reboot ourselves as we are breaking the habits of being our old selves. We don’t have to return to that old way of thinking, feeling and being. In this new dimension it simply does not work any longer.

The world is being accelerated and amplified in so many different ways and so are we.  Have compassion for yourself and give yourself the license to take a risk, jump off of that cliff and allow  your magic to manifest.  Much like downloading new software you will only become even more fearful, anxious and agitated knowing that the old software no longer works in the new world.

For me, in this changing universe if I ever would or could go back in time before hurt touched my heart and at times made me bitter instead of better.  Of course, I can now say I would do it differently; however, one thing that would remain the same is how much I loved.  How much I always wanted to share my heart and puff it forward so everyone would know how much they mean to me.  I know I can’t go back but I can say one thing for sure; I love you all now as I did then.  It is like finding places in your heart you don’t even know exist until you fall in love!

So on that note how could anyone ever tell you you were less than beautiful? How could anyone ever tell you that you were less than Grand? You are all this and so much more.  Today know that you are a Miracle and create the life you always wanted to live.  That potential is available for all of us in our everyday lives now.  You deserve nothing less!