by Marcy Heller

The uncharted is beckoning us. We are all being required to transform. Just like the caterpillar in the chrysalis we must trust the process of transformation as we evolve into that Monarch Butterfly. The old is still there if we still wish to choose it; however, with the new infinite possibilities that the now future is calling us towards, we know deep down something better, more brilliant and much more beautiful awaits us once we take that leap of faith.

What an extraordinary adventure this magic carpet ride is taking us on here on Planet Earth. Even though this is a time of incredible tests, the great news is that each day, week and month we have been accelerating and are outgrowing the old, outworn and limited stories we have lived up until now.

More and more we are realizing that our soul is calling us to do something greater. There is a global transformation begging for us to dig deeper and create something bigger and better with our hearts, mind and soul.

Moreover, it’s the courage and resilience we have cultivated thus far that is allowing us to proceed fearlessly to create a brilliant loving and sustainable earth.,

We are at a turning point in all of our relationships. Especially the one with our Self!  And the more resilient we are the more we can embrace more and more changes in our life. We are living in a new reality that it is making it possible to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. However, the one key we require to unlock that door is to be willing to change our perspective of who we are. There is a crisis of thinking that is unsustainable and still reflects the old ideas and keeps us living in the limited vision we created for ourselves.

It is essential for us to hold the belief that we can, with the help of the Divine not only move through what no longer works for us; but more importantly, create whatever we have to do to handle the responsibilities of this new life we are manifesting. Once we learn to trust ourselves, the old story that was our safety net can and will be replaced. When we feel lost we want our GPS to tell us where to go; however, that tool can only go so as far as we have programmed it to be. Once we create a new itinerary and are headed into uncharted territories we have to focus with attention and intention to create a new map.

In Collette Baron Reid’s book Unchartered, she writes, “Each of us is undergoing a transformation as we enter the Age of Consciousness. Your life can’t remain exactly as it is, but that’s okay, because you can consciously participate in the evolution with awareness. You aren’t a victim of the change. You can make your personal transformation not just one that fulfills you and gives you a sense of purpose and meaning, but one that ends up contributing to the well-being of all.”

The ancient scriptures say, “In the beginning, there was the Word.” This is a perfect way to describe that we are living in a time of experience. Big changes are happening for all of us in magnitudes we have never seen or experienced. Therefore we have to think of it in new ways. We have to change what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.  No longer can we hold on to our preferences of what we think is right for us but instead to surrender to what is. In the creation of a new way of life, we must begin at the beginning, with our own individual transformation.  The essential revolution must happen within ourselves.  If we wish to see the world as bigger and better, a greater place, we must affirm the reality of a bigger and better being within ourselves. It is the ultimate purpose of why we are here. How we can expand into the Divine being we are. We must readjust ourselves to know we deserve everything! We are the Ones that can only make the change. And, what we tell ourselves about ourselves will make all the difference!

As I am becoming more comfortable with this new normal, I realize that in letting go of my attachment to the thought of what a relationship should or shouldn’t be and changing my perception, I can see it as just another way the unfolding wisdom of the universe is helping me to grow.  The more we align with the Divine and change our thinking, the more we can let go of the pain, abandonment and victim mentality. For someone like myself, who is constantly having personal experiences which transform my perceptions, just knowing that everything that is coming up is here to help me clear the field so something more wonderful can be manifested, the freer I have become.

As the pioneers and way-showers of a new spiritual paradigm, it is up to us to be the Ones who change.  We have been re-calibrated. We are deliberate creators – generating creation each moment. While it may not always be easy the choice now rests in our actions. Each moment exists as a precious opportunity to be the change-makers. Life is difficult this is true but only through facing our challenges can we transcend them.

For now I am happy to say that our Love and Spirit are here to stay! With that we can overcome everything. Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a sustainable, peace-filled and loving universe. Take some precious time this week and reflect on your journey – where you are, where you’ve been, what Spirit is gently whispering in your ears and what is waking up in your heart. Then sing it out loud! You are SO WORTHY! You are infinite potential. In Each moment we are born again and again — what we do today matters most.

I want you to know that the deck is stacked in your favor so you can keep creating the best life ever! I Invite you to reclaim and embrace the highest vibration of just how magnificent you are. Know that as you keep affirming that you are Divine not only will it give you the courage to follow your own heart it will illuminate your path and create a trail of beauty for those whose hearts you will touch as well as affecting the well being of all.  Remember, we are always dreaming our World into Being. The world is our mirror of our intention. It reflects back our love and our intention. Align your intention with a higher purpose. See yourself and others as Golden Buddhas. You are a precious gift. Each moment create the most wonderful You. Know you are part of the solution and once you do the universe will always support you.  You are here to bring the highest manifestation of all of Humanity.  Here’s to the life of your dreams – Know you have a right to claim what you need to live fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous lives.  Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. You are a living Miracle! Expressing Love and Creation in all you do. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.”