by Marcy Heller

July 1967, was a very good year. The Beatles were singing their song ‘All you Need is Love’, written by John Lennon. 55 years later even though so much has changed, we still need Love…now more than ever!!!

Spirituality is the practice of letting go of everything. When our Hearts are open we think, feel and do things differently. We are Heart-centered. We don’t have to think about it, we are just aligned with a higher vibration and our thoughts and actions are aligned with a higher frequency.

All of our Hearts are now being broken open in the midst of this incredible conscience revolution. What’s more, most of us are going through major transformations with relationships, especially the one with ourselves. Out of necessity, many of us are having to shift our perceptions of our lives so our attitudes can align with surrendering to what is instead of being angry, frustrated and/or simply depressed. Yes, that is what happens when we have preferences. We suffer when things don’t go exactly as we would like them too!

Moreover, by aligning with what our Heart’s desire really is and envisioning and embodying those emotions and feelings, we can find our entry into the life of our Soul – a life of passion, enchantment, and service to what matters most!

This wisdom only comes from within and the work we do internally. In this ever-changing world we must expand our own identity. As Michael Meade wrote, “The crises and tragedies of contemporary life can be seen as a spiritual crisis in which we must find a greater sense of self or become more subject to feelings of anxiety and helplessness.”

Playing it small anymore is not acceptable. We have to become our own badasses! If not, we are in peril of becoming part of all the chaos around us. More than ever we must empower ourselves, take pause, and know that we are so much more than what is coming to us and happening all around us. When we are in despair, we become so frustrated we can slip into a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that only takes us further down the rabbit hole!  The sacred journey we are traveling is all about Trust and we accepting that we are all living in the presence of uncertainty! Fear and doubt doesn’t vibrate with the frequencies that are required now to rise about the collective narrative that doesn’t support our power, freedom and destinies! It’s about feeling everything with more Love!

There is much at stake now as we begin to integrate more love within ourselves and live a Heart-centered and reflective life. To become conscious of our unconscious thoughts. To raise our frequency to a higher octave for more congruence, health, clarity, love, joy and peace.

A reflective life is when we are energized with the Light of Love and higher virtues. As Swami Sivananda so beautifully wrote, “Walking the path of Love is our highest duty since we have taken on this body in order to achieve Love. Live, breathe, meditate, move, sing, pray, die—in Love. Spread the message of Love, for Love is the goal of life. Let the whole world be circled in Love.”

Our worlds are made of stories. What story do you want to tell yourself today? It isn’t as much about what happens in the end. It is about the journey. What matters most is how much we can be be present to our own truth in the midst of the dramas, tensions and challenges going on now. To keep our Hearts open moving forward as the Star-seeds, Way-showers, Trail Blazers and Pioneers who are anchoring the Light in a world that is rife now with so much darkness and pain. As Danielle LaPorte keeps reminding us, “ When we wake up to the futility of resisting life, we become more spiritually mature and agile. What’s more the more you give and receive Love, the more Truth (and non-truth) you’ll be able to recognize in all areas of life.

Today let your heart sing, find the gold from within and with that song in your heart, what do you want to embody? To sing out loud?  Honor your your gift(s) and acknowledge all that you are, all that you continue to be and do. You’re the Gift!  Remembering, your own authentic being and yours alone makes the world a much more beautiful place! Remember, we all have the power to enhance our lives as never before.  Be wildly imaginative, create the best story aligned with your higher purpose! When we all start to have more empathy, love and compassion for ourselves and break open our Hearts bringing more love to those wounded parts of ourselves that is finally where we will find our gifts! And for the first time ever realize we had in us all along! Shift happens and nothing remains the same! We are all participating in an ongoing miracle. Looking within ourselves is how we become awake to the true reality that has been within us all along.