Our world is at a turning point. It is requiring all of us to do what we have came here to do. When you align with your deeper purpose/destiny and moreover achieve that, you will be living the life you were born to live – your ideal life, reaping and manifesting abundant health, unconditional love, infinite prosperity and ageless beauty – all that is your birthright.

Today, ask yourself, what do I value deeply? This is a time when many of us are being incredibly challenged and are figuring out what we stand for most. Since many of us having gone through so much we are now ready to establish a different belief system and begin living our life on a grander scale as authentically and wholeheartedly as possible.

We are here to flourish in every area of our life. And, to the degree we can open up to receive love will then determine our capacity to thrive and not just survive. Everything in our life will improve dramatically once we begin choosing our own self. Our whole life will shift once we begin accepting all of who we are and then allow Spirit to come through us. Our heart is the most intelligent part of who we are. When we follow and trust the lens of our heart what we need will come to us and we will be guided by something greater than our minds. Once you start and keep going the resources you need will line up for you knowing you were created to succeed. You are the universe in-person expressing itself. And the only thing that the universe wants in return is for you to be all you can be and go all the way. Open up to receive more than you ever dreamed possible and as you live each moment of the day know without a doubt how fabulous you truly are…Take pause and know in each moment how truly powerful you are and that you can experience creation and the sacred in every moment by aligning yourself with The Divine.

I wish for all of you today to cultivate the courage and the passion to be all you can be. You were created flawlessly to blaze new paths and change everything for the collected unconscious. Miracles are just changes in our perception. A miraculous healing takes place when we accept responsibility, create a new narrative and then live the belief of what is in our hearts.

Have the best day ever and the Happiest of Birthdays to my Buddha-ful friend, Tara. Thank you for continuing to inspire all the hearts and souls you touch…